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Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) from complete coherence

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Transforming organisational performance through network analytics


Imagine a solution that could…

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expose silos

Discover how well connected the critical divisions of your organisation are and whether those relationships are driven geographically, functionally or by seniority.

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discover change agents

Pinpoint the best people to drive change and bridge the gaps between different divisions in order to step-change the connectivity where you really need it.


Accelerate team performance

Reveal how leadership teams perform and identify capability gaps between the leader and the rest of the team that must be addressed to accelerate team performance.

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Drive leadership Development

Identify your most influential executives and measure their impact operationally, culturally and strategically.


predict attrition

Find the people at risk of exit, the impact of them leaving, and the steps to help reduce regrettable attrition.


Save Money

Save money by enabling you to target investment on the people and initiatives that will transform your business.

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How does ONA work?

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Data Collection

Individuals across your organisation will complete a 10-minute survey on our online ONA platform.

Participants will nominate who at work they connect with functionally, socially and strategically. This maps the flow of information, ideas and decisions across your business, as well as measuring the strength of relationships.

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The data is analysed by our data scientists and we create interactive, dynamic visualisations and a customised dashboard for you.

Our cutting-edge technology mines valuable insights out of the data.
These results are bench-marked against our extensive global network database.



A facilitated workshop will help you identify the actions needed to transform individual leaders, teams and your organisation.

We can partner with you to ensure all development interventions are world class, deliver significant cost savings
and a very high ROI.


Our clients



people impacted



relationships analysed



teams made stronger

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Blog: The org-chart is dead.


The org-chart is dead: bridges, bottlenecks and everything in between

Connectivity is no longer defined by reporting lines - employees connect up, down and across departmental boundaries for functional, social and strategic reasons. This interconnectivity is not reflected in the traditional organisation structure and, if anything, is hindered by it.

Podcast: ONA and the future of HR


“in a world where we need speed, hierarchies have to be challenged … working collaboratively through networks is essential for the future.”

In this podcast from Changeboard, listen to Dr. Alan Watkins talk about Organisational Network Analysis in the context of the future of HR with Unilever’s Chief HR Officer, Leena Nair. They cover the biggest challenges facing businesses right now, the power of ONA to overcome these challenges, and how the HR function will look in the future.

The Organisational Network Analysis discussion starts at 13:10.

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About us

Complete Coherence is a leadership development consultancy with a strong scientific heritage. We are passionate about the value of data and have developed a suite of people analytics, including our ONA, to track and quantify the impact we can deliver for our clients. We use data to customise and target our development interventions to transform your leaders, teams and your organisation.

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